Enterprise ERP for Micro Small, Small and Midsize Businesses to integrate data, organize and take full control.

Seperation of Organization and Master Data, Increase visibility of inventory, Scalable Pricing Control table, Customizable Transactions.

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Product Features

Easy to integrate modules, Reports with aggregations to make deeper analysis and Dashboards for quicker insights.

Production Planning

Easy to create BOM, Plan Order, Routing, Schedule and Dispatch.


From Purchase Requisition to Payment, Approval to Invoice Verification, Quotation to Inbound Delivery, experience the value.

Sales Order to Cash

End to End Sales Process by capturing Inquiry, Quotation till Billing and returns. Easy Order Entry for various sales types, Availability checks, delivery scheduling and shipments.

Inventory Control

Inventory Optimization includes Reorder Point, tracking materials(using barcodes), stock notifications, Multi Storage Location Management, Material Grouping and Stock Return Handling.

Finance and Control

The primary function is to track the cash flow, profit and loss through the GL, Accounts Payable and Receivable process with multi currency and taxations in the process.


About The Product

K4Biz is more of Configuration and less of Customization. The data is modularized and transactions made light and easy. Reports and Dashboards for analysis and decision making.

  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Clone Orders
  • Templates
  • Real Time Order Status
  • Flexible lookup of Master Data
  • Inventory Availability Checks

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Share your business requirements and complexities, we can configure our product to your requirement - Agile Order Entry, Flexible Master Data lookup and creation, Credit Check, Availability Check and Easy Cash Management and Bank Connectivity.

Why Choose The Product

Certainly, Cloud based and a Unique Value Proposition

Operational Excellence

Easy tracking of Products and Assets movements and manage inventory effectively

Less Cost

Proper inventory tracking and dispatching and reorder points results in efficient inventory space.

Save Time

Optimized workorder assignments and planning of resources saves time and cost.

Faster and Accurate Decision Making

Reports and Dashboards needed for forecast and analysis.

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